Top 10 Uses of Toothpaste Except Cleaning Your Teeth

For the dental health, there is no alternative without using of toothpaste and brush. In our everyday life, we should have to brush our teeth before and after our meal. If you don’t follow this rule then the beauty of your teeth will lose. So, the toothpaste and brush have become the most common and essential things for human’s daily life. Besides the main purpose to clean your teeth, your regular toothpaste can help you do other different sorts of things. Here, in this article, I am going to discuss on top ten uses of toothpaste except cleaning your teeth.

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10. Toothpaste reduces your pain in burn

If your hands or any part of your body are accidently burnt in fire or during iron, then immediately you may apply the toothpaste instead of smoothing cream. Toothpaste can be kept as a first aid in your kitchen. If you use toothpaste on your burn area for whole night long, it gets better soon. Even the black spots will not appear on your burn area. It works as a smoothing material. So, you may try it in emergency.

9. To clean nails

Yes, if you want to keep clean your nail, you may use toothpaste as a cleaning agent for your nail. You need not to use more amount or more times of toothpaste to clean your nail. You may use a little amount of toothpaste on your nail and try to clean during brush your teeth. The nails will appears shine much more than ever before and its health will also be good.

8. To remove the stain from furniture stain

The furniture which we are using in our home may get stained. Any stains from water or drinking stains ruin the furniture’s beauty. You may use toothpaste at these places and rub it by dry material. Wait until drying. When it will dry, please remove toothpaste manually. The spots will be removed and your furniture retains in its beauty.

7. To remove the black spots of iron metal

In home, we commonly use iron for our clothes and use water during iron. Due to the use of water during iron, black spots may occur on iron plate. You may use toothpaste to remove this black spot. The toothpaste contains silica. So, it becomes shiny when it use in iron metal.

6. Keep the jewelry clean

We use many types of jewelry in our daily life. Sometime it needs to clean. We may use toothpaste as a cleaning agent to clean our jewelry. When gold, silver, diamond, jewelery etc washed with toothpaste, they become shinier than before. Soak the dirty jeweler in the water containing toothpaste for all night long. At the morning, you should rub gently with water and clean it well. However, it is better not to use toothpaste for cleaning the pearls.

5. Toothpaste removes spots in the fabric

Sometime we found some spot in fabric or carpet what we use in our daily life. We need to clean it or remove the unwanted spot. If there is a spot on the carpet for a long time, then we may use toothpaste to remove it. You need to scratch the spot with water and paste. Then rub it well with the help of brush. You will see that the spots are gone and clean. It is possible to remove any stains of any clothes with toothpaste.

4. Toothpaste use in insect bites

We are always facing different insect around us. Some insect are very dangerous for us. They may bite us and causes pain and discomfort for us. You may also use toothpaste in insect bites area. You should use toothpaste immediately on your insect biting area which will reduce your pain quickly. Using toothpaste also helps to release mosquito biting.

3. Use in hair as alternative of hair-gel

Yes, you may use toothpaste as a hair gel. Toothpaste contains gel like substances as we found in hair gel. This is called Water Soluble Polymer. As you use gel to make random hair in a decent look, you may also use the paste to tidy hair. But keep mind, you should use a little amount of toothpaste as a hair gel.

2. To make phenyl water in bath

Toothpaste may be used in bath water to make it phenyl. If you take toothpaste in your palm and rub gently and you will notice that bath water convert to phenyl water. It does not burn eyes.

1.  Toothpaste use as a glue and use to clean your mobile phone screen

You may use your toothpaste as glue instead of natural glue. Suppose, you need to close a envelope, but you have no natural glue, the immediately you may use toothpaste as a alternate of glue. You may also use toothpaste to clean or make shiner the screen of your mobile. You need to paste the toothpaste on the screen of your mobile. Then let it dry for sometime. Remove the toothpaste by using filter paper and you will notice the shiner appearance of your mobile screen than before.

You may also use toothpaste for many other purposes. You may use toothpaste to clean your shoe. In order to whiten your piano key, you may use toothpaste. If you want to deodorize baby bottles, you may use it. You may use it as like filler. If you want to clean chrome, towel rails then you are highly recommended to use toothpaste as a cleaning material. If there is any stain created by tea or coffee, then you may use toothpaste to remove this stain. Toothpaste helps to keep your face beauty. If you have more pimples then you may use toothpaste. It can causes pimple to dry out.

So, besides the main purpose of toothpaste to clean your teeth, it can help you do all sorts of things in your daily life. You may practice any of those and you will surely get better benefit from it. There are no side effects to using toothpaste in above mentioned works. So, let’s practice and enjoy it.


Things You No Longer Need Once You Start Using An Instapot Like A Professional

The Instapot that you have bought for the house will save you a lot of time and money, but you need to know how to use it before you get going. Most people who get one of these things can actually get rid of a lot of other things that are cluttering their kitchen. You might not have noticed that you could declutter this much, but you can definitely make things a lot easier on yourself. Each step that you take will make it so much easier for you to cook because you are relying on the Instapot more and getting rid of things that just do not help you anymore.

Instant Rice

You do not have to use instant rice anymore because the Instapot will steam and cook your rice under pressure for you. All the time you were saving by using instant rice you get back now that you are using the Instapot. You can buy regular rice, and you can get it to cook so much faster in this pot because it has a button that you can use to make it go to the right setting.

Canned Beans

There is no need to rely on canned beans because you can cook dry beans in the Instapot. You can get rid of those cans, and you can start buying a lot of interesting varieties of beans that you might not have been able to use before because they took too long to cook. That is why you need something like this because it cooks under pressure and you do not have to do a thing while it cooks.

The Pressure Cooker

The pressure cooker has been replaced by the Instapot, and you can use it to cook anything you want. You probably knew you had to have a pressure cooker to cook things like a roast, but you can make the roast and stew in these pots so that you only have one thing you have to use. You can just leave the Instapot out, and you can use it whenever you need.

The Huge Soup Pot

You do not have to have that big and clunky soup pot in your house anymore because you can just use the Instapot to cook your soups. This is going to be so much easier on you, and you will be able to get all your cooking done without having a thousand other things in the kitchen that take up too much space. You can actually reorganize your kitchen, and you will be a lot happier about the way that it looks because the Instapot is the main character.

The Bread Machine

You can actually rise your bread in the Instapot, and you can just throw it in the oven when you are ready. You will find out pretty fast that you can get more of your own bread made because you can rise a new loaf while you are working on the on that you have in the oven. THe Instapot makes things so much simpler for you, and it helps you have your own little bakery at home because you do not have to worry about erasing all your breads using a special proving drawer or other methods.

The Instapot will change your life, and it will help you get all the things that you need so that you can cook any food you want with just one vessel. You can turn it on and it will do the rest. All you have to do is declutter your kitchen because now you have more room for cooking and baking.

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The Eight Best Foods To Eat For Your Hair Nails And Skin

The eight best foods that you can eat for your hair, nails, and skin are very easy to find, and you can start buying them at the grocery store and eating them just as soon as you can. You can make it pretty easy to have a good time when you are eating these foods, and you will start enjoying this like I have. I have changed my life by making sure that I changed my diet.

1. Salmon

Salmon is great because it has the omega 3 fatty acids that you need to have nice hair, nails, and skin. I make this food using a lot of sides, and you can have it a couple nights a week. It just means that you have a protein that you can go to.

2. Carrots

The carrots that you are eating have all the vitamin A that you could want, and they also have betakerotene. I eat these foods as snacks, and I make them into a lot of foods that you are eating every day. You should consider how many times you will be able to use these foods during the day.

3. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are great because they appear in just about everything, and you can get the tomatoes to work out in all the kinds of dishes that you want to eat. It is so much easier for you to manage your food when you are eating as many tomatoes as you can get your hands on, and you have to be sure that you have tried them in all your foods every day. I use them every day because they make great snacks, and they make the foods I make look so much more colorful.

4. Eggs

Eggs are found in a lot of things, and it might be wise for you to use eggs in your dishes that you are used to eating. You will start having more fun with the eggs that you eat because you can prepare them in a lot of different ways. I changed around my whole life by eating more eggs, and you will see that you have something that Is easy to cook like what I have.

5. Dairy

Dairy should be low fat, and that will help you get the shiny hair, nails, and skin that you like. You can get the dairy into your diet in a lot of different ways, and you will start having a nice time with these foods because you can add them to your listing of foods that you are planning to eat on a daily basis. I have learned to use dairy as much as possible so that I can get it in my diet without just drinking milk every day, and I like using it to substitute for other things that are not as good for me.

6. Beans

Beans are easy to eat because they come in so many forms, and you can serve them to yourself and your family any time you want based on what you think would be the best choice for you. I have figured out how you can get the beans to work in all my foods from soups to the side dishes I am making. Beans are going to be very nice to use in your foods, and they will help you have a much healthier lifestyle like they have helped me.

7. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is something that you can start the day with, but it should be easy for you to make sure that you have a way to eat oatmeal more than once per day. I have learned to to make sure that I get oatmeal more than once a day, and I often put it in as a side dish for something like dinner. You can even have oatmeal with the last food on our list that is blueberries, and I have eaten oatmeal with blueberries many times.

8. Blueberries

Blueberries are very easy to eat, and you can add them to all your foods. You should be sure that you have tried to eat blueberries on their own, and you can have them as a snack during the day. You can eat them in smoothies, and you can bake them into cakes. I do eat it with oatmeal, but I also eat these berries with my desserts, as a snack, and with the salads that I make because their tart flavor works with everything I love.

You will have the best hair, nails, and skin when you have done this right, and you will be able to use the foods every day in all your foods. You will be able to eat as many of these foods every day, and you will be much healthier overall like I am have been.